Conveniently located on the main floor of our brand new building in the North West Edmonton community of the Hamptons, this full-cycle training facility  offers quality treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, free weights, weight machines, plate-loaded machines, and ample space for floor work. Bumping into folks won’t be an issue as layout and space design provide the freedom to move around while you’re crushing your fitness goals. Are you interested in connecting with a personal trainer? Our resident trainer, Vlad Vaishbein,  is here to help you smash your personal bests, punch through those plateaus, or drop those nagging few pounds. Maybe you’re looking forward to relaxing at the end of a rough week – well, then our onsite sauna is the perfect spot to sweat out the small stuff. Our welcoming, spacious, clean environment has everything you need regardless of where you are in your fitness journey and we look forward to having you join our thriving community!

What are the hours?

Once you have paid your refundable deposit on a door access FOB, you’ll be able to access the facility 24 hours a day.

How much will it cost?

If you don’t like long-term commitment, then our studio is perfect for you! Our month-to-month memberships provide flexibility to fit your lifestyle and budget. Our incredibly affordable fees are charged monthly from the date you sign up until you decide to leave, not that you will…..but we know things happen. If you need to make a change, your membership can be cancelled with 30-days notice. 

General Members

$25 per month + taxes and fees

Students with ID

$15 per month + taxes and fees

Seniors 60+

$15 per month + taxes and fees

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